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Welcome to Stop The Sale, a website entirely dedicated to help the senior homeowners of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont decide and ultimately avail a secured reverse mortgage loan. As the name implies, at Stop The Sale, we save your greatest possible asset i.e. your home, from being lost to others in your dire financial crises. 

We understand how much you love your home and how dearly you wish to own it during the later part of your life or as a retiree. We also understand those reasons for which our senior citizens often decide to sell their homes under compulsion to solve their varying financial needs. That is why we at Stop The Sale, work relentlessly to help our senior homeowners by preventing selling of their dream homes in such heartbreaking scenario. Even better, we arrange for you a consistent income based on your home’s equity under a reverse mortgage loan scheme. You have no repayment obligation as long as you live, move or sell your home. 

There is no denying fact that we all are living amidst the hard times of the present economic downturn. Price hike, low retirement benefits, higher mortgage interest rates etc. are few notable impacts of the recession which are taking a toll on senior citizens. Managing finance, particularly in elder ages, can be challenging. These factors can easily narrow your options and ultimately compel you to the last available resort i.e. selling your home. But, what if we tell you that you have a more viable option of retaining your home and getting a handsome pay on monthly, annual or lump sum basis? Yes, we are talking about ‘Reverse Mortgage’ – a term frequently heard but often misunderstood. 

If you are a senior homeowner in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont considering selling your home, don’t. Consult us instead after trying the reverse mortgage calculator to see how much you can earn. At Stop The Sale, our expert panel of consultants will work with you closely to assist you in managing your personal finances better by securing an enormously useful reverse mortgage package most suited for you. We stop the most unwanted sale of your home with a promise to our senior homeowners of a peaceful life where finance would never be a point to ponder.

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